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    Pinworm Exposure - Click HERE for more information 

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    Check out our October 11th, 2021 Newsletter! Go Tigers!

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    Due to all the fun Halloween Celebrations happening in the Month of October, picture retakes have been rescheduled. The new picture retake day is on November 4th, 2021. See you there!

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    The CDC has made it mandatory for all school bus passengers and drivers to wear a mask while being transported. This means that all schools, including Darby School, will make wearing masks mandatory on school buses until further notice. We thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please contact your child's administrator.

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Last Updated: 4/7/2021 8:21 PM


Mr. Kurt Kohn

High School Counselor
Darby High School

406-821-3252 x.1316


Use the District Contact Form



Applying for FAFSA is a critical piece of receiving financial aid. Parents must fill out the online application based on their taxes. You will not be able to receive financial aid to college if your parent does not apply for FAFSA! See Mr. Kohn for details. Applications are available at https://fafsa.ed.gov  

Juniors and Seniors!

Register as a user on MCIS on the Counselor's link. You can research any college in the United States and have the most updated information. Seniors should apply for the colleges of their choice before Christmas break. Most of the scholarship money is available at the college level. Students that apply by priority deadlines get most of this money. 


ACT Testing

The ACT tests are posted under the ACT Link above. You must register a month early. Do not delay if you are going to take the ACT test. Allot an hour to complete the online registration process. www.actstudent.org/start

Practice materials are available at 


Please review scholarship information frequently. This site is your primary source of scholarship information. 


Montana needs more trained and educated graduates. Did you know in 2018 only 61% of Montana high school graduates enrolled in trade school or college in the fall semester immediately following graduation, and fewer than 50% of Montana’s high school graduates enrolled in the Montana University System? The majority of jobs require at least some postsecondary education. We want all Montana students to succeed in the 21st Century.


Please consider taking the SAT or ACT this summer or early fall.  All incoming seniors interested in applying for scholarships and colleges or universities should take either the SAT or ACT before December. Visit the website (actstudent.org) for either to find out test dates and registration information. The state of Montana is going to sponsor a free ACT Test in April at Darby High School. All Juniors will be required to take the test. Practice materials are available at:


The state of Montana will be paying for every Junior in the state to take the ACT test in Spring. It will be free of charge for every Junior.


PreACT will now be offered free of charge to all Montana Sophomores for one test each Spring while state funding holds. Top Sophomore students should consider taking the ACT. Practice materials are available at: 

ASVAB Test will be given to the Juniors each fall. Seniors that have not taken or would like to retake the ASVAB can take the test as well if they sign up with Mr. Kohn in advance.

College Fair  

Juniors and Seniors go each Fall!

Attention seniors that want to go to college: Try to make a goal of applying for one scholarship per week. The more scholarships that you apply for, the better your odds of getting more money for college.