2014 Winter Awards Darby High School

Awards Banquet Date: Wednesday March 12th 6pm Cafeteria

Here are the Awards presented:

2013-2014 Girls Basketball

Offensive MVP - Lauren Dolcater

Defensive MVP - Keely Ehmann

Most Improved - Mia Pederson

JV MVP - Lily Lang

6th Man Award - Seanna Abrahamsen

Captains: Sarai McCollaum, Keely Ehmann, Lauren Dolcater, Lacey Dolcater

All Conference - Lauren Dolcater (1st), Lacey Dolcater (2nd), Keely Ehmann (2nd), Sarai McCollaum (HM), Siri Nojd (HM)

All Valley - Keely Ehmann, Lauren Dolcater, Lacey Dolcater, Siri Nojd

Academic All State - Seanna Abrahamsen, Breanna Brickey, Lacey Dolcater, Laruen Dolcater, Keely Ehmann, Tori Johnston, Lily Lang, Siri Nojd, and Mia Pederson.

2013-2014 Boys Basketball

MVP (Most Valuable Person) - Joe Caicedo

Franchise (Offensive Player) - Zach McCrossin

Shadow (Defensive Player) - Joe Caicedo

Grit (Hardest Worker) - William Westfall

Co- 6th Man Award - JJ Horvath

Co- 6th Man Award - Dawson Jakober

In-Season Captains - William Westfall, Zach McCrossin

Off-Season Captains - Zach McCrossin, Joe Caicedo

All Conference - Joe Caicedo (1st), Zach McCrossin (2nd)

All State - Joe Caicedo

All Valley - Joe Caicedo, Zach McCrossin, Rope Rennaker

Academic All State - Dawson Jakober

Congratulations to all the teams for their seasons.

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