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Course Calendar

We are excited to announce our Course Calendar! Please read below for course descriptions. You can wait for your mailer to register, or you can REGISTER ONLINE TODAY on our Registration Page. Courses start as early as September 10th, so read on to register.

Course Registration Deadline is Monday, September 17thCourse prices are $2/hour and $1/hour for seniors, to be paid to the Darby School District. Some classes include additional Material Fees, which are to be paid to the instructor. Contact Shelby Rogala at if you have any questions.

Select the links below to be taken directly to categories and classes, or peruse the entire listing by scrolling down!

ArtVentures 3.0

Sept 13, Oct 27, Nov 18, Dec 7 / Variable / Meet at Darby High School
$56 / $28 (60+) --Option to Choose specific outings instead of whole series -- contact for details
A collection of cultural outings to Missoula, including...
     Sept 13 -- Film and Art Exhibition of 'The Horse' / University of Missoula
     Oct 27-- Festival of the Dead / TBA
     Nov 18-- String Orchestra of the Rockies
     Dec 7 -- Holiday Art Walk
Class participants will need to pay for meals associated with outings (Appx $25 per trip or may elect to being a sack meal) Transportation provided.
Instructor: Deborah Rogala has been a life long art venturer - as a working artist, gallery owner, art instructor and world traveler with a focus on arts and culture.

The Illustrated Discovery Journal

Oct 15 - Nov 19 / Mondays 1:30 pm- 3:30pm / Hidden Treasures Studio, Darby 
$24/$12 (60+) Plus an additional $25 directly to the instructor. -- Class size limited to 10 -- 
Become the author of your own book, an illustrated discovery journal that is. Using Sarah Ban Breathnac's book, "The Illustrated Discovery Journal" as inspiration students will create personal collages that comfort, console, intrigue, excite and delight. Participants can prepare by gathering images, photos, and quotes that they would like to incorporate into their collage.
Instructor: Juli Winthers is the owner of Hidden Treasures in Darby and has more than 2 decades of experience teaching art classes in a library environment.

Making Your Own Personal Care Products

CLASS CAPACITY REACHED - If you are interested in taking this class, please contact to be placed on a waitlist.
Dec 1 / Saturday / 9:30 am - 1:00 pm / DHS Classroom 153 (Concessions/FCS Room)
$7/$3.50 (60+) Plus an additional $20 directly to the instructor.
We will discuss the hows and why’s of making your own personal care products for either personal use or for gift giving. We will make- from best quality natural ingredients- whipped body butter, silky skin spritzer, lavender lotion bars and brown sugar facial scrub. You will go home with at least one of each of these items and full knowledge and written instructions how to make more of these and other similar items yourself.
Instructor: Hillery Daily is an Herbalist and Naturopathic Doctor in clinical practice in Bitterroot valley for 30 years and an herbal company owner for 24 years.

Computers + Technology

No offerings this semester! If you'd like to teach a class on computers or technology, contact today!

Gardening + Food Preparation 

CANCELLED- Indoor Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Sept 30 - Nov 18 / Sundays 3:00-5:00 pm / DHS Classroom 153 (Concessions/FCS Room)
$32 / $16 (60+) Plus an additional $40 paid directly to the instructor
Oyster Mushrooms are a great way to produce 100% organic protein and vitamin source for anyone living the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. They have a vast array of applications in solving world hunger and bioremediation. This course is ideal for anyone who has interest in horticulture or biology. 
Instructor: Chase Gartner cultivated Oyster Mushrooms on a small scale from 2015-2017 in Ohio. He restarting this interesting hobby and is excited about sharing his knowledge on this subject! 

Special Interest

Get Job Ready! Skills for Any Stage of Your Career

Monday, Oct 22-Thursday, Oct 25 / 5:30-6:30 pm / DHS Classroom 102
Join us for a four-part exploration of all the skills you will need to jump start your career, transition to a new job, or simply refresh old skills. This week will cover goal setting, soft skills, resume and cover letter writing, and interview skills. 
Instructor: Shane Kravik has worked with to prepare students for future careers for over 10 years in the Bitterroot Valley, and is currently a Youth Employment Counselor for the Human Resource Council.

Lewis and Clark Expedition: Travel Through the Environs of Darby

Thursday Oct 4 6:00-8:00 pm / DHS Classroom 102 // Sat Oct 6 26 9:00-1:00pm Lost Trail Pass // 
$12 / $6 (60+)
The travels of the Corp of Discovery of Lewis and Clark took them to the toe of the Camp Creek ridge near Lost Trail Hot Springs. The classroom session and the fieldtrip will cover the Lost Trail crossing of the Rocky mountains on September 4, 1805, and the return of William Clark and Sacajawea through Darby on the 4th of July, 1806.  class will explore the recent findings of an Old Growth Forest the Corps of Discovery Passed through on September 4th, 1805. This is an amazing must see huge stand of 275+ year old trees, now recorded as “Witness Trees”, that were there when the Corps of Discovery Passed.
Instructor: During Ted Hall’s 44 year engineering career he researched, wrote and published the book: "The Trail Between The Rivers" which identifies where Lewis and Clark traveled over the land portion of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Health, Wellness + Recreation

CPR/AED + First Aid

Oct 24 - Nov 14 / Weds 6:30-8:30 pm / DHS Classroom 122
$16 / $8 (60+) Plus an additional $20 paid directly to the instructor.
This course is a Medic First Aid class which will teach CPR, AED and First Aid for adults, Children and Infants. If will provide hands-on experience on mannequins and AED's. You will receive a 2-year certification in CPR/First Aid & AED with the completion of this class.
Instructor: Alice Brace is an instructor trainer for Health & Safety Institute.  She has been teaching CPR, First Aid and other safety courses for over 20 years.  Alice retired from a Colorado fire Department where she was a training officer.  
Notes: Wear comfortable clothing


Sept 24 - Dec 19 / Mon &Weds 4:30-5:30 pm / Darby Community Clubhouse 
$40 / $20 (60+) - No class on Oct 1, 22, Nov 5, Dec 3
This class follows the classical Pilates format. We will work on core strength, flexibility, balance, and breathing. Whether you have never done Pilates and want to try it out or have been doing Pilates for years and want to deepen your practice, this is a great class for all!
Instructor: Heidi Kaminski has Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.
Materials: Mat and water 

Pilates Fusion

Sept 10 - Dec 5 / Mon & Weds 9:00 - 10:00 am / Main Street Yoga Studio
$52 / $26 (60+)
Improve your alignment, coordination and balance while focusing on core strength and flexibility using a variety of movement patterns from varying disciplines. This is not the traditional approach to Mat Pilates you might be used to, instead, it's a fusion of disciplines that will help you develop the ability to perform the simplest to the most difficult Pilates exercises.
Instructor: Wendy Davis has been training clients and teaching fitness classes for 30 years. 
Materials: If you have your own mat please bring it. Otherwise it will be provided.

Navigating Today's Healthcare and Insurance

Sept 19 - Oct 17 / Weds 6:00 - 7:30 pm / DHS Classroom 102
$15 / $ 7.50 (60+)
Today's healthcare is more complex than ever.  We are caring for ourselves, our children and sometimes even our parents needs. The A,B,C's of Medicare, Medicaid and the myriad of private insurance options can be confusing.  Let's get together and try to bring some sense to it all. Anne will provide a general overview during the first three sessions and will close the class with two class periods when you can get personal, private help if needed.
Instructor: Anne Jackson has been a Registered Nurse since 1992 in everything from the emergency room to cardiac care. She has  always focused on educating her patients on their conditions and how to maximize the benefits they obtain from their providers and insurance carriers.
Materials: Insurance information for personal help if desired

Total Body Strength on the Ball

Sept 27- Dec 20 / Tues & Thurs 4:00-5:00 pm / Darby Community Clubhouse 
$46 / $23 (60+)
Looking to stay in shape through the winter? From skiing to snowshoeing and everything in between, this class will get you ready! We will use the big bouncy exercise balls and exercise bands to work on strength, balance, and core fitness for a total body workout. Be ready to work hard and sweat! Exercises can be modified for most levels of fitness.
Instructor: Heidi Kaminski has Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.
Materials: If you have your own mat, band, and ball, please bring them. Otherwise they will be provided.

Walking the West Fork

Sept 10- Nov 26 / Mondays 10:30-11:30 am / Intersection of Leavens and West Fork, across from Conner Cut Off
$24/$12 (60+)
We will walk the dirt roads from Painted Rocks to Chaffin Creek. You can walk at your own pace and experience the West Fork.
Instructor: Alice Greenlee has 33 years experience as a HS Biology teacher and has taught the most popular Adult Education class in Darby for several years. 

Yoga Flow

Nov 19- Dec 17 / Mondays 10:30-12:00 pm / Main Street Yoga Studio
$15/$7.50 (60+) 
This will be an all levels vinyasa flow style class, however some experience with yoga is very helpful. This is not the preferred class for beginners. This will be a moderately paced class with emphasis on learning sun salutations, the alignment “nuts-and-bolts” of many individual asanas including standing poses, balances, twists, inversions and backbends. Adaptations and variations make all of these accessible for everyone. Please contact the instructor if you are new to yoga and would like to attend this class.
Instructor: Hillery Daily has been a  Yoga teacher for 15+ years and Assistant teacher for yoga teaching trainings in 2016 and 2018.
Materials: If you have your own mat, bolster, block, or strap, please bring them. Otherwise they will be provided.

Yoga for Men Only

Sept 10 - Dec 6 / Mon & Thurs 5:00-5:45 pm / Main Street Yoga Studio / No class 11/22
$40/$20 (60+) 
Although we can all suffer from poor flexibility in some areas, men tend experience tightness in the lower back, hamstrings, and chest. This class will address those areas and others men find especially challenging. The class will consist of basic poses making it available to beginners as well as advanced practitioners.
Instructor: Wendy Davis has been training clients and teaching fitness classes for 30 years. 
Materials: If you have your own mat, bolster, block, or strap, please bring them. Otherwise they will be provided.

Yoga for Women Only

Sept 11 - Dec 6 / Tues & Thurs 8:00-9:00 am / Main Street Yoga Studio 
$50/$25 (60+) 
This class is taught in the tradition of Hatha Yoga which focuses on breathing, poses, and meditation.  Wendy will help you increase your strength and flexibility while staying true to her do-no-harm training philosophy by helping you properly align your joints while practicing asanas in the safest way possible. Wendy will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone from time to time with a challenging pose, helping you create a deeper sense of knowing yourself both on and off the mat.  
Instructor: Wendy Davis has been training clients and teaching fitness classes for 30 years. 
Materials: If you have your own mat, bolster, block, or strap, please bring them. Otherwise they will be provided.

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