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Fall 2017 Classes

We are excited to announce our Fall 2017 Course Calendar! Please read below for course descriptions. You can wait for your mailer to register, or you can register online TODAY on our Registration Page. Course Registration Deadline is Friday, September 22nd. 

Contact Shelby Rogala at if you have any questions.

Arts and Crafts

Card Making / Paper Crafting

September 26-October 24 / Tuesdays  6:00-9:00pm / Darby HS Room 102  -- $30/ $15 (60+)

Material Fee: Please pay an additional $10/class directly to the instructor.

Learn how to make beautiful hand crafted greeting cards, including birthday, Christmas, get well etc. Take a completed project home every session.

Instructor: Nola Nash has been involved in many different craft hobbies for the past 30 years. She is a “Stampin Up” demonstrator.

The Art of Found Objects

October 7-November 4 / Saturdays 10:00am-12:00pm / Hidden Treasures Studio, Darby -- $20/$10 (60+)

Materials Fee: Please pay an additional $25 directly to the instructor.

During this five week hands-on Saturday Morning Art Camp participants will be exploring a variety of mixed media materials,  juxtaposing found objects to create a different personal collage each week.

Instructor: Juli Winthers is the owner of Hidden Treasures in Darby and has been taking and teaching a wide range of art classes for more than 2 decades.



October 6, November 17, December 8 / 4:00-10:00 pm / Meet at Darby High School  -- $36/$18  (60+)

Materials Fee: Please pay an additional $5 directly to the instructor.

A collection of cultural outings in Missoula, including a dance performance by University of Montana students, an artist reception for a national traveling exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum with Juane Quick-to-See Smith, and a First Friday Art Walk in downtown Missoula. Class will eat dinner (at the students’ expense, not included in course fee) either before or after event. Transportation provided.

Instructor: Deborah Rogala has been a life long art venturer - as a working artist, gallery owner, art instructor and world traveler with a focus on arts and culture.

Special Interest

Writer’s Roundtable

September 28-December 14 / Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm / No class Oct. 19, Oct 26 / Darby HS Room 102 -- $36/$18 (60+)

This is not a class on how to write but a workshop for writers to receive constructive feedback on their writing from fellow writers. Each writer will present two manuscripts up to twenty-five pages in length for the rest of the group to read on their own time. The group will then meet to provide supportive comments and ask questions for clarity and to help improve the author’s paper. Limited to 7 students.

Instructor: Lisa Poe currently writes a blog called "Wild About Books” about reading good books, outdoor adventures

and the philosophy of an unconventional believer of optimism and humanity.


Lewis and Clark - The Lost Trail Crossing

September 28th 6:00-8:00 pm /September 30th  9:00am-2:00pm /Darby HS Room 104 -- $14/$7 (60+)

The travels of the Corp of Discovery of Lewis and Clark took them to the toe of the Camp Creek ridge near Lost Trail Hot Springs. The classroom session and the fieldtrip will cover the Lost Trail crossing of the Rocky mountains on September 4, 1805, and the return of William Clark and Sacajawea through Darby on July 4, 1806. The class will follow the newly erected trail signs, and the course will be complemented by an exploration of flora in the area, provided by Blaine Furniss, retired Botany Professor. Map provided.

Instructor:  During Ted Hall’s 44 year engineering career he researched, wrote and published the book: "The Trail Between The Rivers" which identifies where Lewis and Clark traveled over the land portion of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


How to Speak Dog and Raise the Perfect Puppy

October 9th-November 13th /Mondays 6:00-7:00pm /Darby HS Room 104  -- $12/$6 (60+)

This course is designed to educate people about modern and humane dog training techniques, such as clicker training. This course includes a section dedicated to teaching people how to read dog body language and a step-by-step guide to understanding canine behavior and puppy developmental stages. We focus on coaching people on how to better communicate with and understand their dog.

Instructors: Nicki Arndt and Christina Groveman have taught many adult ed classes in the past, and are teaming up to teach one together. Nicki has a BS in Zoology and Christina holds a PhD.


North Korea, Kim Jong Un, and International Relations

September 25-October 23 / Mondays 6:30-8:30pm / Darby HS Room 102 -- $20/$10 (60+)

Materials Fee: Please pay an additional $2 directly to the instructor.

In five lectures, the class will explore Korea's past and recent history, the Korean War and China's intervention, the creation of the DPRK, and the likelihood of war on the Korean Peninsula.

Instructor: A. Bruce Hemmings. Bruce was a US Navy Officer, has over 20 years service in the CIA, holds a BA in History, and has taught as a college professor and lecturer as well as an adult education instructor for many years.

Health & Recreation

Core Fit

September 25-December 13 / M &W  5-6pm  / Main Street Yoga Studio -- $48 / $24 (60+)

Using your own body weight and light hand-weights we will build functional strength leading to improvements in our everyday lives. Workouts consist of many types of movements including variations of squats, lunges, pushups, jumping, and bending.

Instructor: Wendy Davis has been training clients and teaching fitness classes for 30 years.



September 25-December 20 / M &W 4:30-5:30pm / Darby Community Clubhouse -- $50 / $25 (60+)

This class follows the classical Pilates format. We will work on core strength, flexibility, balance, and breathing. Whether you have never done Pilates and want to try it out or have been doing Pilates for years and want to deepen your practice, this is a great class for all!

Instructor: Heidi Kaminski has Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.

Materials: Mat and water


Total Body Strength on the Ball

October 3-December 19 / T & R 3:30-4:30pm / Darby Community Clubhouse -- $42 / $21 (60+)

Wanting to stay in shape through the long Montana winter? This class will get you there! We will use an exercise ball and exercise bands, and will focus on movements to increase strength, balance, and flexibility. 

Instructor: Heidi Kaminski has Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.


Walking the West Fork

September 25-November 20 / Mondays 10:30-11:30am / Intersection of Leavens and West Fork --  $18/$9 (60+)

We will walk the dirt roads from Painted Rocks to Chaffin Creek. You can walk at your own pace and always have someone for company. You will meet new people and learn about the canyon of the West Fork. First walk meets at the intersection of Levens Road and the West Fork Road, across from the Conner Cutoff. At the first meeting you will receive a printed schedule of all walks.

Instructor: Alice Greenlee has 33 years experience as a HS Biology teacher.

Yoga for Men Only

September 25-December 13 / M &W 6:15-7:00pm / Main Street Yoga Studio --$36/$18 (60+)

Although we can all suffer from poor flexibility in some areas, men tend experience tightness in the lower back, hamstrings, and chest. This class will address those areas and others men find especially challenging. The class will consist of basic poses making it available to beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

Instructor: Wendy Davis. Wendy has been training clients and teaching fitness classes for 30 years.


Fly Fishing the Bitterroot River and It's Tributaries

September 27-November 1 / Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm; Saturday 10/14 + Saturday 10/28 10:00am-2:00pm / HS Classroom 102

$40/$20 (60+)

Materials Fee: Please pay an additional $3 directly to the instructor.

From entomology to river mapping, casting techniques to fish location, this course will provide beginner and intermediate fly-fishes with what they need to achieve success in fly fishing the Bitterroot River and it's tributaries. Course includes two four hour field trips on the river.

Instructor: A. Bruce Hemmings has 50 years experience fly-fishing and 10 years experience as a licensed walk and wade fly-fishing guide in Montana. 

Essential Oils and Your Health

Oct 5, Oct 19, Nov 2,  Nov 16 / 5:30pm-7:00pm / Darby HS Room 108                             

Adult Ed Cost—Free

Materials Fee: Please pay $15 directly to the instructor for essential oil materials.

Have you ever wondered what those essential oils are that everyone is talking about? Essential oils can support so many areas of our life from immune support, relaxation and sleep, muscle tension and pain, respiratory health, emotional balance and even green cleaning! You will learn... oil safety, common methods of use and how to create a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

Instructor: Christina Harrell is a massage therapist, birth doula and essential oil educator.

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