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Course Calendar

FORTHCOMING - Information available 2nd Week of August


We are excited to announce our Course Calendar! Please read below for course descriptions. You can wait for your mailer to register, or you can register online TODAY on our
Registration Page. Courses start as early as September 3rd, so read on to register.

Course Registration Deadline is Friday, September 7thCourse prices are $2/hour and $1/hour for seniors, to be paid to the Darby School District. Some classes include additional Material Fees, which are to be paid to the instructor. Contact Shelby Rogala at if you have any questions.

Select the links below to be taken directly to categories and classes, or peruse the entire listing by scrolling down!

Arts, Crafts + Music 

ArtVentures 2.0

Feb 18, March 2, April 5, April 13, May 4 / Variable / Meet at Darby High School
$62 / $31 (60+) --Option to Choose specific outings instead of whole series -- contact for details
A collection of cultural outings to Missoula, including...
    Feb 18 -- UM, String Orchestra of the Rockies w/Brian Stucki. Extra charge for entry ticket / 6 - 11 pm
    March 2 -- Missoula Art Museum, Artist gallery talk w/Joseph Baraz, Totems & Stelae / 4 - 10 pm
    April 5 -- UM, Sculpture walkabout on campus and gallery talk with curator of the MT Museum of Arts & Culture / 4 - 10 pm
    April 13 -- View the famous Wild Walk Parade followed by International Wildlife Film Fest screening / 8 am - 4 pm
    May 4 -- Missoula Art Museum, Artist talk on 'The Shape of Things', New Approaches to Indigenous Abstraction / 4 - 10 pm
Class participants will need to pay for meals associated with outings (Appx $25 per trip or may elect to being a sack meal) Transportation provided.
Instructor: Deborah Rogala has been a life long art venturer - as a working artist, gallery owner, art instructor and world traveler with a focus on arts and culture.

Heart of My Heart Quilt

Feb 19 - March 19 / Mondays 5:30 - 7:30pm / DHS Classroom 109
$20 / $10 (60+)
This is an easy appliqué quilt with fantastic results. The pattern is easy for even the beginning quilter to try.  The quilt is technically listed as a miniature, but it is a very nice wall hanging size. 
Instructor: Jennifer Burdette has been quilting and sewing for over 20 years, and has worked as a sewing instructor for the Fabric Shop and Quilts in Hamilton for many years. 
Materials: Yardage is estimated for 44" fabric:  1/2 yard black; 1/2 yard gold print; 3/4 yard small red check for the heart and inner border; fat quarter (18"x22") green print; fat quarter red plaid; 1/2 yard red and black check for the outer border; 27" square of backing; 27" square of thin batting; fusible web; sewing machine; rotary cutter and mat; sewing thread

Playing With Paper

Feb 3 - Feb 24 / Saturdays 10:00am-12:00pm / Hidden Treasures Studio, Darby 
$16/$8 (60+) Plus an additional $25 directly to the instructor. 
This course will meet over Saturdays in February to explore different projects with paper! We will make Valentine's Day Cards, Envelops, Collage/Bookmarks, and Journal Covers. 
Instructor: Juli Winthers is the owner of Hidden Treasures in Darby and has more than 2 decades of experience teaching art classes in a library environment.

Computers + Technology

Bitcoin 2.0

Feb 22 - March 29 / R 5:30-7:30pm / Elementary STEAM Lab
$20 / $10 (60+) Plus an additional $10 for materials - No Class March 22 -
Remember back in 1992 when your nerd-friend told you about this strange phone service that connected computers?  You were like, "Ok, but why?"  Well, this is a similar situation with Bitcoin. And Bitcoin is only dial-up. Thousands of new variations of the technology such as Ethereum and IOTA are popping up that will do everything from crowd-sourcing escrow for your house to allowing nations to vote. In this beginner friendly class, you will gain hands on experience using these technologies and learn the basics of cryptography and digital security.  
Instructor: Tom Wood is the current STEAM Lab teacher for Darby Schools, and has been working with cryptocurrencies for around 6 years. 
Materials: Personal computer recommended.

General Mobile Radio Service

Feb 12 + March 12 / M 5:00-7:00 pm / Darby Public Library
$8 / $4 (60+)
Radio communications can be life saving when phones are down, out of reach or hubs are overloaded due to a crisis. The first 2-hour session compares GMRS to other two-way radios, explains local signal repeaters, various radio options, purchase recommendations and how to use a few sample radios. For the second session everyone will have acquired their own radios. Programming and operation of the radios will be covered, questions will be answered and we will practice using them to communicate directly, and with the use of repeaters.
Instructor: Ted Dunlap is an FCC-licensed General-class amateur radio operator and locally active in emergency radio communication preparation. 

3D Printing & Design

March 27 -April 24 / T 5:30 - 7:30 pm / Elementary STEAM Lab
$20 / $10 (60+) Plus an additional $20 for materials, paid directly to the instructor
Have a great idea for a widget?  3D print it into reality! In this course we will use free and open source design programs with the Darby Steam-lab's equipment to bring ideas into the physical world.  From flexible to rigid, single to multi-sections, useful to useless-but-fun-to-play-with, it is possible to make just about anything that can be dreamed up.  Learn to use design software, choose the right filament, manage filetypes & troubleshoot machine issues.    
Instructor: Tom Wood is the current STEAM Lab teacher for Darby Schools. 

Gardening + Food Preparation 

Food Preservation: How to Have Wonderful Food and Drink All Year Round

*Subject to change* Feb 13 - March 20 / T 4:00 - 5:30 pm / Darby School Cafeteria, or DHS Classroom 153 (Concessions / FCS Room)
$18 / $9 (60+) Plus an Additional $10 paid directly to the instructor for food supplies
You will learn preserving in its many forms such as sourdough, fermentation, canning, drying and more. Participants will have hands-on experience with the various forms of food preservation and get their questions answered. Learn about what foods are locally available and when and where to find them in the Bitterroot Valley. Build a working pantry and be more self-sufficient!
Instructor: Denise Gunterman has worked as a Nutritional Therapist for almost 18 years, and is passionate about teaching and sharing new things with others.
Materials: Canning jars [wide mouthed only] and lids - 3 pints, 3 quarts

Indoor Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

March 28 - May 2 / W 4:00-5:00 pm / DHS Classroom 153 (Concessions/FCS Room)
$16 / $8 (60+)
Oyster Mushrooms are a great way to produce 100% organic protein and vitamin source for anyone living the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. They have a vast array of applications in solving world hunger and bioremediation. This course is ideal for anyone who has interest in horticulture or biology. 
Instructor: Chase Gartner cultivated Oyster Mushrooms on a small scale from 2015-2017 in Ohio. He restarting this interesting hobby and is excited about sharing his knowledge on this subject! 

Nutrition Made Simple 

Feb 21 - April 25 / W 5:00 - 7:00 pm / DHS Classroom 122
FREE - No Class March 28
Free Cooking and Nutrition Classes! Learn to buy, eat and live better as we explore delicious recipes, share tips for meal planning, learn how to eat well on a budget and limited time, improve our knife skills and share ideas on how to stay active! Each class, participants cook a new recipe and receive incentives such a calendar, measuring cups and spoons, a cutting board, a vegetable brush, a cookbook and much more! 
Nutrition Made Simple is a Free Cooking and Nutrition Class that is offered through the MSU Ravalli County Extension's SNAP-Education Program. Call or Email Rachel Ariaz for more information:, 406-375-6611

Special Interest

Introduction to the Exterior Ballistics of Small Arms

Feb 13 - April 3 / T 7:00-8:30 pm / DHS Classroom 102
$24 / $12 (60+) 
A survey of the development of small arms ballistics, the primary factors that effect the flight of bullets, the computation of the bullet flight using computers and references for future study.
Instructor: Ted Almgren has been a Ballistics Consultant to Sierra Bullets since 1968, and published Ballistics in the Sierra Reloading Manual. He is a Co-Author on all Sierra Ballistics Software through 2015, Technical Adviser on exterior Ballistics to the Association of Firearm and Tool mark Examiners.

Lewis and Clark Miracle in Montana Lost Pass 1805

R May 24 6:00-8:00 pm / DHS Classroom 102 // Sat May 26 9:00-2:00pm Lost Trail Pass // Sat June 16 9:00-2:00 Lost Trail Pass
$24 / $12 (60+)
The travels of the Corp of Discovery of Lewis and Clark took them to the toe of the Camp Creek ridge near Lost Trail Hot Springs. The classroom session and the field trips will cover the Lost Trail crossing of the Rocky mountains on September 4, 1805, and the return of William Clark and Sacajawea through Darby on July 4, 1806. The class will follow the newly erected trail signs. The new Book Lost Pass 1805 will be discussed, that identifies the believed to be the site of the Whitehouse Timber Thicket.  This location has been found to contain numerous trees that were the same age as many members of the Corps of Discovery at the time of the September 4, 1805 L&C descent  into Montana.  These are now whiteness trees 237+ years old.  The class will visit these living links to the historic event. Map provided.
Instructor: During Ted Hall’s 44 year engineering career he researched, wrote and published the book: "The Trail Between The Rivers" which identifies where Lewis and Clark traveled over the land portion of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Practical Spanish for Travelers

April 17 - May 17 / T + R 1:00-2:00pm / Darby Public Library
$20 / $10 (60+)
Material Fee: Please bring $10 to pay directly to the instructor for materials
Learn short, useful phrases to express yourself. Learn the names and sounds of the alphabet so you can sound out words. Twist your tongue around new sounds, tune-up your ear, and exercise your brain. 
Instructor: Rebecca Banks has been learning Spanish and traveling in Spanish speaking countries extensively for over 20 years. While she is not completely bilingual, she is excited to help you "get by" with your Spanish wherever you go.
Materials: Spiral bound notebook

Health, Wellness + Recreation

Backpacking 101

March 1 - April 19 / R 7:00-8:00 pm / DHS Classroom 102 
$14 / $7 (60+) Plus an additional $3 paid directly to the instructor - No class March 22 - 
Do you have a desire to go backpacking but don't know where to start? If so, this class is for you! We will talk about gear, clothes, food/hydration, safety, needed training, and the logistics of planning a multi-day trip. When we're done you should be able to get out into the wilderness and experience the amazing beauty of this area.
Instructor: Kay Winters has over 20 years in the field of Administration and has organized and lead several multi-day backpacks and 2 fundraising climbs of South Sister in Central Oregon.

Energy Dynamics: Re-Vitalize, Re-Energize and Catalyze Your Energy

Jan 23 - Feb 27 / T 5:30-6:30 pm / DHS Classroom 104
$12 / $6 (60+)
Are you ready to think out of the box? Are you ready to make a conscious choice to manage your personal energy? Are you brave enough to delve into ancient as well as new, cutting-edge ideas and techniques for moving your own energy abundance? We will explore some basic concepts of personal energy dynamics. Then we’ll delve into tools and techniques that help you achieve revitalization and a re-charge of your inner energy battery. Subjects will range from body movement and awareness; to meditation and relaxation; to crystals, stones and nature; to dowsing and Feng Shui; to creative expression; to sound and mantras; to aromatherapy and a whole host of other subjects that we will discover together along the way. 
Instructor: Becki Koon is a Certified Life Coach and has been assisting individuals and families with tools and techniques to help them find their own answers to life's challenges and road blocks as well as finding expansion into new ways of living and experiencing life for over 20 years. 

HeartMath Skills for Building Personal Resilience

Feb 6 - Feb 27 / T 7:00 - 8:00 pm/ DHS Classroom 104
$8 / $4 (60+)
Material Fee: Please pay an additional $15 directly to the instructor for a purchase of the "Building Personal Resilience Manual:
HeartMath is a form of biofeedback - this class offers a system of science-based, coherence-building techniques where you will learn that you can change the way your body’s physiology responds in stressful situations. Automatic stress reactions won’t dictate how you feel, respond or perform, whether you’re at work or at home. This process increases self-awareness and builds and sustains resilience by enhancing your ability to more intelligently self-regulate your energy, which directly affects performance and personal fulfillment. Every life has its challenge. Every heart has an answer.
Instructor: Becki Koon is a Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach, and has been "coaching" for over 20 years in individual and group capacities.


March 5 - May 16 / M &W 4:30-5:30 pm / Darby Community Clubhouse 
$40 / $20 (60+) - No class on March 5, 26, April 2, May 7 - 
This class follows the classical Pilates format. We will work on core strength, flexibility, balance, and breathing. Whether you have never done Pilates and want to try it out or have been doing Pilates for years and want to deepen your practice, this is a great class for all!
Instructor: Heidi Kaminski has Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.
Materials: Mat and water

Total Body Strength on the Ball

March 6 - May 17 / T & R 4:00-5:00 pm / Darby Community Clubhouse 
$44 / $22 (60+)
Are you looking to get a jump on spring time activities? From hiking to gardening and everything in between, this class will get you ready! We will use the big bouncy exercise balls and exercise bands to work on strength, balance, and core fitness for a total body workout. Be ready to work hard and sweat! Exercises can be modified for most levels of fitness.
Instructor: Heidi Kaminski has Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition.
Materials: Ball, mat, and water. Bands provided.

Walking the West Fork

March 5- May 21 / Mondays 10:30-11:30 am / Intersection of Leavens and West Fork, across from Conner Cut Off
$24/$12 (60+)
We will walk the gravel roads off the West Fork for an hour each Monday morning. We provide exercise and companionship, where you can walk at your own pace and always have someone to talk with.
Instructor: Alice Greenlee has 33 years experience as a HS Biology teacher.

Yoga for Every Body

March 1 - April 5 / Thursdays 9:00-10:15 am / Main Street Yoga Studio
$15/$7.50 (60+) - Class size limited to 12 - 
Stretch, strengthen and balance your body with gentle, flowing movement and guided attention to the details and benefits of the various Yoga postures.  Learn methods to relieve stress, focus the mind and feel more at home and at ease in your body.  Previous experience helpful.
Instructor: Mary Shrier-Chinn is a registered Yoga Teacher, and has taught Hatha, Restorative, Yoga for Veterans and Beginner Yoga. 
Materials: If you have your own mat, bolster, block, or strap, please bring them. Otherwise they will be provided.

Yoga for Men Only

Feb 5 - March 28 / M &W 5:00-5:45 pm / Main Street Yoga Studio 
$24/$12 (60+) - Class size limited to 12 - 
Although we can all suffer from poor flexibility in some areas, men tend experience tightness in the lower back, hamstrings, and chest. This class will address those areas and others men find especially challenging. The class will consist of basic poses making it available to beginners as well as advanced practitioners.
Instructor: Wendy Davis has been training clients and teaching fitness classes for 30 years.

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