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Gifted and Talented

Darby Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program

Grades K-12To meet the needs of high potential / high ability students 

Definition: “Gifted and Talented children” means a child of outstanding abilities who are capable of high performance and require differentiated educational programs beyond those normally offered in public schools in order to fully achieve their potential contribution to self and society. The children so identified include those with demonstrated achievement or potential ability in a variety of worthwhile human endeavors.Montana State Law 20-7-901

Mission: Our goal is to provide support to the classroom teacher in differentiating the curriculum to help better meet the needs of gifted students in the regular educational setting. For Gifted and Talented students, we seek to validate their talents, provide appropriate challenges, time with their intellectual peers, mentors to support emotional and social needs, and opportunities to share, perform or create. Additional support for Gifted Students will be provided for in a pull-together setting.

Identification Process: Each fall a team will meet to evaluate data to determine placements and referrals. The identification team consists of a principal, regular education teachers, GT teacher, and counselor. Students may be nominated for consideration by teachers, parents, or other students OR may be considered due to their MAP scores. To qualify, students must obtain a minimum score of 30 pts or 66% of the total points. The scoring criterion is based on a 45 point system.

(Measured Academic Progress)

Teacher Referral
(Renzulli /  Hartman scale of Behavioral Characteristics)

(Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test)

95% or above in:



Total:        /15 pts

Checklist Score
25-40    15 pts
15-25    10 pts
10-14    5 pts



Total:        /15

125 +    15 pts




Total:        /15

Program Services: Gifted students need “different - not more of the same”. They need choices and to be part of the decisions made for them. Program services might include: single subject acceleration, cluster grouping, compacting, mentors, classroom differentiation, community or school projects, problem solving, Destination Imagination, small group interest and skill groups, AP and honors classes, and social / emotional support.

Gifted and Talented Coordinator / Destination Imagination Coordinator
Tracie McCrossin
(406) 821-3643, ext. 1454

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