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K-12 Resources

Resources by and for K12 Montana Teachers and School Technicians
  • Provided is a list of tools, tips, and tricks from around the state on how to use and administer technology to support distance learning.

  • Updates will continue to be posted as new information comes in
  • This will direct you to the Zoom homepage. You will use your school account to join Zoom Meetings. Zoom allows the presenter to send invites to the students email and join directly from there. 
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  • Video on how to join meetings - Click HERE

Industrial Technology - Mr. Fiedler

K-7 Staff Email

Mrs. Johnston - Kindergarten (djohnston@darby.k12.mt.us)

Ms. Trowbridge - Kindergarten (mtrowbridge@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Mendenhall - 1st grade (kmendenhall@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Pelkey - 1st/2nd grade (mpelkey@darby.k12.mt.us)

Ms. Youngstrom - 2nd Grade (dyoungstrom@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Holmes - 3rd Grade (kholmes@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. McMillan - 4th Grade (smcmillan@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Bryers - Art (JH) (sbryers@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Kiess - English (JH) (ekiess@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Dufresne - English/Drama (bdufresne@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Hollist - 6th Grade (chollist@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Ryan McCrossin - Librarian/PE (rmccrossin@darby.k12.mt.us)

Ms. Miller - 5 -12 Math (JH) (jmiller@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Petrusaitis - Music (JH) (apetrusaitis@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Gardner - Music (K-4) (bgardner@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Wood - Science (JH) / STEAM (twood@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Berry- SPED (JH) (hberry@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Nelson - SPED (K-4) (snelson@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. McCrossin - Title I (tmccrossin@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs Evans-Smith - Title I (sevans@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Fiedler - Tech Ed (mfiedler@darby.k12.mt.us)

High School Staff Email

Mr. Dufresne - English/Drama (bdufresne@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Burdette - English (jburdette@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Bryers - Art (sbryers@darby.k12.mt.us)

Ms. Ehmann - Health/P.E. (cehmann@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Gideon - History/Government (sgideon@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Fiedler - Tech Ed (mfiedler@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Livesay - Math (ashaffer@darby.k12.mt.us)

Ms. Miller - Math (jmiller@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Nelson - Science (bnelson@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Wood - Science & STEAM Lab (twood@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Perlinger - Spanish (kperlinger@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Petrusaitis - Music  (apetrusaitis@darby.k12.mt.us)

Kurt Kohn - Councilor (kkohn@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mr. Ryan McCrossin - Librarian & Elem. P.E. (rmccrossin@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Beasley - Career & College Coordinator (sbeasley@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Hedges - Special Education (khedges@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. McCrossin - Title 1 (tmccrossin@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Whitney - Paraprofessional (cwhitney@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Zeiler - Paraprofessional (bzeiler@darby.k12.mt.us)

Mrs. Hansen - Paraprofessional (chansen@darby.k12.mt.us)