RTI Pathways

RTI Pathways

Tier I

Tier 2

Tier 3


All students are given a Benchmark Assessment three times a year with DIBELS and AIMSWEB. (Fall, Winter, Spring)


All students will receive Core Curriculum Instruction. 


Student Progress will be measured.






Students that score in the 40th percentile or below (Strategic or Intensive) will receive Title I interventions for the area they qualify.


Students may receive Title I interventions for Reading and/or Math.


Title I students are Progress Monitored twice a month in each of their qualifying areas.  Title I staff will administer the Progress Monitors.


Classroom Teachers will administer Progress monitors for Benchmark and Above Level Learners.


When a student scores below their Aim Line three times, their intervention will be changed and documented. They will move to Tier 3 to be more closely monitored.



Students that are Strategic or Intensive (Tier 2) and not meeting their Aim Line.

Students that are Benchmark and Above and not progressing.


Title I students will receive interventions from Tier 2 as well as any additional interventions that can be provided. Benchmark and Above Level Learners will receive RTI interventions.


Students will be Progress Monitored twice a month in each of their qualifying areas. Student progress will be documented in a more detailed manner in a RTI folder.


Parents will receive a letter and be invited to come for a RTI meeting to develop a plan for their child.



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