Elem - Middle (K-7)

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Main number - 406-821-3643

Chris Toynbee - Principal (K-4)

Rita Mitchell - Administrative/Secretary



Darby school is committed to providing your child the best education possible during this difficult time. The K-7 teachers are prepared for your child to login to Moby Max and begin their online assignments. 

Elementary music and library material will be offered on our school's webpage. Some 5-7 classes will be offered on the Google Classroom platform. Additionally, there will be two weeks worth of hard copy assignments available at the elementary school for your child. Work can be picked up from 9:00am to 3:00pm through the remainder of this week. Please keep your child's completed work in the folder and we will have you return it at a later date.

 Further closures will result in online content only through Moby Max and Google Classroom. Please contact your child's teacher for information about Moby Max and Google Classroom or visit our website for details. 

Remember that we are also providing breakfast and lunch daily from 5:00pm-7:00pm for  curbside pickup in front of the cafeteria.

Please make sure to visit our website and Facebook often for updates.

Western Montana Mental Health Prevention Back to School event!
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To contact the K-7 Principal or any Teacher use the District Contact Form 

Contact Us
Mrs. Johnston - Kindergarten

Mrs. Pelkey - 1st

Ms. Youngstrom - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Holmes - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Mendenhall - 4th Grade

Miss Kearns - Art (JH)

Mrs. Kiess - 5th Grade

Mr. Dufresne - English/Drama

Mrs. Hollist - 6th Grade

Mr. McCrossin - 5-12 Math (JH)

Mr. Wood - Science (JH) / STEAM

Mrs. Berry- SPED (JH)

Mrs. Nelson - SPED (K-4)

Mrs. McCrossin - Title I

Mrs Evans-Smith - Title I

Mr. Meves - Tech Ed