Elem - Middle (K-7)

Contact Information

Main number - 406-821-3643
Chris Toynbee - Principal (K-7)
Ashley Louviere - Administrative/Secretary

To contact the K-7 Principal or any Teacher use the District Contact Form Contact Us
Ms Katrina Matumeak - Title I

Mr. Fiedler - Tech Ed

Mr. Gideon - Social Studies

Ms. Dallapiazza - SPED

Mrs. Hedges - Science

Mrs. Toynbee - Art

Mr. May - English

Mr. McCrossin - Math

Mrs. Vogt - Librarian

Mr. Petrusaitis - Music

Mrs. Anson - Special Education

Ms. Fisher - Kindergarten

Ms. McLean - Kindergarten

Mrs. Evans-Smith - 1st/2nd grade

Mrs. Fox - 4th Grade

Mrs. Gardner - Music (K-4)

Mrs. Harrison - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Holmes - 3rd Grade

Mrs. McCrossin - Title I

Mrs. Pelkey - 1st grade

Mrs Marshall - English