Friday December 21, 2012

posted Dec 20, 2012, 2:12 PM by Kristina Gonzalez
Lunch: Chili Tortilla, Cinnamon tortilla, fruit, garden bar and milk

Notices & Reminders
  • Attention 8th graders: Please hand in your Lost Trail ski trip papers today. Extra handouts are available in Mr. D's room. For specific questions, talk to Mrs. Ehmann.
  • A special thanks to the students for donating food items. Your generosity helps needy families here in Darby!
  • Last day to claim your lost items! Everything in the Lost & Found wooden benches near the office will be donated to charity over the break.

Todays events:
  • RSVP summit this morning starting around 8:40 (please wait for the announcement). Facilitators will take roll and send the list to the office. Check the list posted on the doors to find out which group you’re in.
  • High School basketball @ Valley Christian starts at 12pm BGGB (bus departs at 10am).
  • Wrestling at Dillon today.
  • Elementary Christmas Parties today.
  • Early out at 1pm today!

Happy Birthdays over the break!
  • Lauren Dolcater- 22nd
  • Lacey Dolcater-22
  • Dawson Jakober-22
  • Cougan Kidd-24
  • Chris Toynbee-27
  • Jade Skinner-28
  • Joan-28
  • Allisa Johnson-30
  • Dakota Farrar-30
  • Dylan Knox- Jan 1
  • Mrs. Walker- Jan 1

Upcoming events during the Christmas break:
  • Saturday - There will be a winter solstice celebration this Saturday at the Darby ice skating rink. It goes from 3-5pm and there will be free chilli and hot chocolate. Also, activities include Advent spiral, ice skating (skates will be provided) and a candlelight vigil in memory of the Connecticut school massacre.
  • Saturday - high school gym closed (refinish the floor) closed until Wednesday December 26.
  • School resumes on Wednesday, January 2nd.

Four days until Christmas