January 27, 2017

posted Jan 26, 2017, 3:23 PM by Kristina Gonzalez

Darby High School Daily Announcements

Lunch Today: Hamburgers/Turkey Burgers, Fruit & Salad Bar, Milk

  • Happy Birthday Hoop Reed.  

  • There is new password phishing attack that is making the rounds (and gaining momentum) and it is pointing to gmail accounts (which is where all our staff and student accounts are housed). You might receive an email from a friend or coworker with an obscure or seemingly normal attachment. However, when you click the link to open it you will be directed to a normal looking account logon page. This page is bogus and will capture your password. If you are logged in to your Gmail/Darby K12 account already it will not ask for your logon to download an attachment. That is the key...if you are prompted for a password to download an attachment please do not enter your password and call Mr. Bridges..

  • The Adventure Club is taking applications for new members.  Applications are due February 1st if you plan on going on the backpacking trip in Utah over spring break.  You can get applications from Mr. Olson, Lisa or at the office.

  • The shout out box at the office is now for teachers AND students.  If you have a shout out to shout out, shout it out on the morning announcements!

Today Events:

  • High School Basketball in Darby at 2:30pm (JV Boys – JV Girls - Varsity Boys – Varsity Girls)

Future Events:

Saturday – January 28th

  • High School Basketball in Darby at 1:00pm (JV Boys, JV Girls, Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls)

  • High School Wrestling in Hamilton at 11:00am

Other notes and upcoming events ……

  • Junior High Basketball starts (Jan. 30th)

  • JV Basketball game in Darby at 5:45pm (JV Boys – JV Girls) (Jan. 30th)

  • Mid-Term 3rd Quarter (Feb. 3rd)

  • Musical Fundraiser (Feb. 8th)

  • NAEP Testing (Feb. 8th)

  • School Board Meeting (Feb. 13th)

       Darby Tigers are positive, respectful, responsible, safe, and they graduate!