Monday Feb 1, 2016

posted Jan 29, 2016, 3:09 PM by Kristina Gonzalez   [ updated Feb 1, 2016, 7:11 AM ]

Darby High School Daily Announcements

Lunch Today: Chicken Parmesan, Salad Bar and Milk

Notices & Reminders:

  • Congrats to the student of the week, Lindsey Lewis!

  • The Montana Prevention Needs Survey will be conducted in all English classes 8-12 on Wednesday, February 3rd. It is completely anonymous and will take about 15 minutes.  Mrs. Perlinger and Mrs. Burdette will collect the surveys.

  • Open Gym rules.  1.  Do not go into the gym until supervision is present.  Period.  2.  Court shoes and socks only on the actual basketball floor.  That includes the out of bounds under the side baskets.  3.  Use equipment for intended use only.  4.  Food and drink must remain on the tile portions of the gym.  Please clean up after yourself.   Starting today, if you violate any of the said rules, you will receive first a warning, next a two-week break from open gym, and on the third transgression you will not being allowed in open gym at all.  This will allow us to keep the gym safe and in good shape and still keep the gym open for the students who use it correctly. Open Gym is a privilege very few schools offer.  Please respect the fact that we are trying to make your schooling experience better by opening for you.

  • Power Down Day is coming February 3rd.  Join us on a no cell phone adventure, as we explore a school day without social media, video games and other distractions from being present where you are present.  It will be an adventure, and there will be free food!

  • Just a reminder, the gym is not a hallway.  Fortunately, there is a hallway just 28 steps to the east!  Stay healthy, be respectful and choose the 28 steps.  Thank you!

  • Today’s shout out, “Thank you for Kyky W. for being a supportive awesome big bro  You know who this is.”  Remember, if you want to shout out something positive to students, teachers, other staff members at the school, grab a sticky note and post it outside Mr. Dufresne’s office.

  • Get your valentine roses from Spanish Club.  They are on sale NOW!

  • Quote of the day from a Darby student in response to the teach-to video:  “I think the video sums up how today’s society is.  We are all super absorbed in our phones and miss out on what’s happening around us”  Remember, be present where you are present!

  • Jan. 30th MAPS in Hamilton, will be conducting a class on developing portfolios designed to help students (high school as well as college) obtain funding for college.  This workshop is not about a single scholarship but about a process of looking at the future and actively engaging in obtaining goals - career/college ready. Contact:  Wendi Fawns, Education Coordinator (381-2334) for more information.

  • Seniors, the $1000 clerk and recorder's scholarship just became available.  Stop by Mr. Kohn's office if you want the application.  Deadline is March 15th.

Today’s Events:

  • There will be a special Student Council Meeting @12:20 in Mr. Gideon's Room.

  • JV Basketball games in Hamilton on Feb. 1st

  • 6th-8th Grade Girls Basketball begins

Future Events:

February 3rd

  • Family Night Theme will be “I Love to Read” 5:30PM

February 4th

  • HS BB vs Arlee @ Darby BGBG 2:30 PM

  • 7th - 12th Ski Trip

February 5th

  • Mid-Quarter

  • 7th & 8th Grade MBI Reward Trip

  • Divisionals Wrestling Tournament in Whitefish

February 6th

  • Divisionals Wrestling Tournament in Whitefish

February 11th

  • 9th -12th Ski Trip

Darby Tigers are positive, respectful, responsible, safe, and they graduate.