Monday, March 5 2012

posted Mar 5, 2012, 11:22 AM by Kristina Gonzalez
Lunch: Chili tortilla, green salad, and fruit

Today’s Events
  • JH Band Festival today in Missoula.
  • Advanced PE – ice fishing field trip today.
  • Hunter Safety training in the cafeteria tonight at 6pm.
  • Basketball game with the Job Corps in the high school gym at 6:30pm.
Heads up for tomorrow (Tuesday)
  • Corvallis/Darby Wrestling Banquet is Tuesday March 6th from 6-8 pm in the Corvallis HS Lunchroom
  • Darby GBB/BBB/Cheer Banquet is Tuesday March 6th from 6-7:15pm with the Spring Parent Meeting Tennis/Track to follow at 7:15pm in the Darby HS Gym
    • Frosh – Main Dish
    • Sophs/Juniors – Salads
    • Seniors – Desserts
    • Booster Club/Coaches – Paper Products and Drinks