Thursday, November 17 2011

posted Nov 17, 2011, 7:34 AM by Kristina Gonzalez
Lunch: Spaghetti, Italian bread, green salad, and fruit
Substitute Teachers: Perri for Dufresne PM
Daily Bulletin Items
  • Attention Spanish Club Members: An extended deadline has been issued for turning in the Donation Dots Cards. Many students have asked to have them over the Thanksgiving holiday in order to get more donations, so we will extend the due date on the cards to AFTER Thanksgiving. Please turn them in by Thursday, December 1st . Please use the extension to gather more donations so that you may turn your cards in fully scratched off with donations! Gracias. Don’t forget! December 1st !
Today’s Events
  • JH BBB vs. Valley Christian home game starts at 4:00 today.
  • First day of wrestling practice today. The bus leaves for Corvallis at 3:05pm.
  • Happy birthday to Ms. Ehmann!
Heads Up for Tomorrow (Friday)
  • No sporting events scheduled tomorrow.
  • Jostens will be here tomorrow at lunch to deliver class rings.
  • The Marine recruiter will be here at lunch to visit tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow is Tiger Pride Friday! Remember to wear Darby colors tomorrow.

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