Graduation 2017

Date & Time

Date: May 28, 2016
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: High School Gym

Commencement & Baccalaureate

The baccalaureate service, if held, will be of a religious nature and will be held prior to graduation ceremonies. Graduating seniors are not required to attend. The graduating class will be in charge of the service. The commencement program will be the graduation exercises. The administration and class sponsors will be in charge of commencement. The privilege of participating in graduation exercises may be taken away as a consequence for misconduct.

Cap, Gown & Announcements

Jostens is the supplier of announcements and caps and gowns. Packets were passed out to seniors in September. Visit the high school office if you need a packet. Delivery of graduation announcements, caps & gowns is TBA. Please note that senior rings are ordered during the sophomore or junior year.

Ceremony and Dress Code

Seniors must arrive at the high school gym one hour before the ceremony properly attired in the gown and cap with tassel. The ceremony is estimated to last less than 2 hours.

Ladies should wear dresses or dress slacks and appropriate shoes. Gentlemen are to wear dress trousers, long sleeved dress shirts, ties and appropriate shoes and socks. Lettering and/or decorations are not appropriate on caps or gowns. No shorts or athletic shoes. Graduates may not have personal items in their possession when they line up for the processional (CELL PHONES, CAMERAS, PURSES, ETC).


You will receive your permanent diploma at graduation. Please safeguard it! You will find that at some point in future years you will need a certified copy of your diploma. NOW is the time to start thinking about that, before you have it framed, laminated, or what have you. We suggest you make three to five Xerox copies of your diploma and store them in a secure place such as a safe-deposit box. Please safeguard these copies as if they were the original!


You will be applying for colleges, training, fellowships, state licensure, etc., sometime in the future. Part of that application process most likely will include an official copy of your transcript, letters of recommendation, graduation certification, licensure application form, etc. You must make your request for transcripts IN WRITING AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. We cannot stress it strongly enough to make your requests as far in advance as possible. You may request a copy of your transcript from the high school. DO NOT CALL with your request; we cannot forward any information without a written request from you.

Honor Graduates

  1. The student with the highest GPA shall be the Valedictorian. If two or more students have the same GPA when carried out to three decimal places those students shall share the Valedictorian honor. The student with the second highest GPA shall be the Salutatorian. In the case where there is more than one Valedictorian there may be no Salutatorian.
  2. In order to be considered for valedictory or salutatory honors a student must have accumulated accredited and graded credits equal to four years of high school from state accredited institutions. Students must have attended Darby High School for at least 160 days of their final academic year in order to receive Honors status.
  3. Rank-in-class will be computed for senior students and is based on all subjects. Correspondence and summer school grades, however, will not be used in computing honor roll standing, GPA or rank in class.
  4. A cumulative grade average will be used to determine rank-in-class and honor graduates beginning with the first semester of the freshmen year and ending with the last completed semester prior to June 15 of the senior year for honor graduate determination. For college applicants, a final ranking will be determined at the end of the senior year.
  5. Grade averages will be carried out three (3) decimal places. Students with the same average will receive the same rank position.
  6. All senior students who have a 4.0 or greater GPA will be recognized as "graduating with high honors."