Records Request


A transcript is a complete copy of the student’s academic record. Official transcripts bear the Seal of the Darby School District or the counselor's signature on a stamp that reads "Official Transcript." Transcripts mailed directly to the student are sealed and stamped on the envelope's closed edges to prevent tampering. Despite the seal being present on the transcript, many institutions will require transcripts to be mailed directly from Darby High School to the institution to ensure authenticity. Transcripts may be faxed, mailed, or both per the request of the student. 

Transcripts will be held until the student fulfills all financial or other obligations to the school. Holds must be cleared from the student's record before transcripts will be released. In the event you should have a "Hold" on your transcript we will contact you at the phone number that you provided on the transcript request form. Please fill out a "records request" form located below and fax it to (406) 821-4977.

Immunizations (Shot Record)

Darby High School keeps a permanent record of immunizations for all Darby graduates. Please fill out a records request form (located below) and fax it to (406)821-4977.


We do not keep copies of diplomas for former graduates. Your original diploma was handed to you at graduation. Official transcripts serve as proof of graduation and you may request a copy of your transcript at any time. 

Trapper Creek Job Corps

If you received your Darby High School diploma from the Trapper Creek Job Corps, please contact (406) 821-3286 to request transcript or diploma information.

Student Records

(See Board Policy 3600, 3600P & 3600F – 12/07)
A student’s school records are confidential and are protected from unauthorized inspection or use. A cumulative record is maintained for each student from the time the student enters the District until the time the student withdraws or graduates. A copy of this record moves with the student from school to school.

By law, both parents, whether married, separated, or divorced, have access to the records of a student who is under 18 or a dependent for tax purposes. A parent whose rights have been legally terminated will be denied access to the records, if the school is given a copy of the court order terminating these rights.


A student withdrawing from school should report to the counselor's office with a note from his/her parents giving permission for withdrawals. At that time, he/she should be prepared to clear all textbooks and library fines. No report cards, book cards, transcripts or credits can be forwarded to another school or place of employment until all records are cleared. Students transferring to another school within the county must have a transfer form from Darby to enroll at their new school.
Kristina Gonzalez,
May 21, 2013, 9:09 AM