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Booking School Facilities: The School loves partnering with the community for events. Whether you are looking for a place to host a special event or an area for summer group camping, we hope to share our resources with you. Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Check the Events Calendar to identify potential conflicts.
  2. Complete a Facilities Use Agreement
  3. Email it to:; bring it to the school office at 209 School Drive / Darby, MT 59829; or fax it to 406-821-4977
  4. Call 406-821-3252 with any questions
  5. You will receive a confirmation if your event is approved


Interested in the Darby Schools Public Surplus! Click on the picture below to view our surplus list.,mt/browse/home




Volunteering at Darby Schools: We would like to grow our pool of volunteers, as well as introduce more opportunities for engagement with our students. Learn more about supporting our school HERE.


Communications Survey

We are seeking to improve our methods of communication! Help us determine when, where and how to direct our efforts to best communicate with you.

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