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District Office 821-3841

Fax: 406-821-4977

Darby Public Schools

209 School Drive

Darby, Montana 59829


Tony Biesiot - Superintendent

     Lisa Poe - Business Manager/District Clerk

              Miranda Simmons - HR/Payroll Clerk                  


School Board Members

Kristie Heiland -

Pete Ehmann -

Dale Flux -

Bubba Townsend -

Ashley Christopherson -

K-7 Elementary-Junior High 821-3643

Regular Elem Hours: 8:25-3:15 (Mon-Fri)

Chris Toynbee - Principal (K-7)

8-12 High School 821-3252

JP McCrossin - Principal (8-12)



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Parents are welcome to visit their child's school. Visitors to schools, including parents, must sign in at the school's main office.


Student Visitors

Student Visitors are welcome at DHS only if prior approval is obtained at least one day in advance from the Principal. Students cannot get approval the same day as a proposed visit. Any student visitor will only be allowed to visit one time during the academic year. DHS students may only have one visitor during an academic year.


The Public School Laws prohibit any loitering on the school grounds. Students should not have outside-of-school friends meet them on the campus unless they have permission from the office in the form of a visitor’s pass.


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